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I keep my two dressage horses at home in the summer, but I have no indoor arena, so I board them in the winter so I can ride all year. This year I am boarding them at Pferdehof, a small facility west of Berthoud. I am very pleased with my experience at Pferdehof, and I would like to tell you why I am happy to be there.

My foremost reason is the owner and trainer, Verena Diaz. She is a Grand Prix rider from Germany who is giving me some very badly needed help with my riding fundamentals. She is an extremely astute horsewoman with a great deal of experience managing dressage facilities. She knows the principles of riding and can explain them to me so that I can understand how my faults are affecting my horses’ movements.
-William Terry, Berthoud CO
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I have loved my dressage lessons from Verena the last two years. She is fun, demanding but gentle. She knows dressage techniques and training very well. I thought I was "riding dressage" until I started with Verena. She has developed me into a better rider within a short time. And, she has a good sense of humor! -Kathie H., Longmont, CO

"...Verena has a very well developed sense of humor and uses it to keep the lessons relaxed. In just over a year she has helped me go from just backing my young horse to 1st level. I am a far more relaxed and confident rider that is very aware of my body and what it is doing and how it influences my horse. Verena takes my riding goals seriously and is helping me acheive them while still having a lot of fun in the process. Pferdehof Dressage is a perfect blend of professionalism and fun!!..." - Dorothy K., Berthoud CO

"My daughter and I rode with Verena for several years. She began working with my daughter when she was 8 years old. The lessons she taught gave her an excellent foundation which helped improve her riding skills. Verena had so much patience as well as expertise. Not only did Verena teach me, but she played a large role in the training of my young horse. She took him to his first show when he was four. During that two day show, she qualified him at both training and first level for regional championships. The scores were all above 68%. Verena is a talented instructor, and rider. I would recommend her for riders and horses of any level." - Cindy M., Dallas TX

I began riding with Verena when I was six years old. She was one of my very first trainers and I can easily say that everything she taught me has helped me to become the rider that I am today. I am now 16 years old and have achieved more than I ever could have imagined in the dressage world. I have competed at national and international competitions such as the North American Junior/Young Rider Championships and the National Junior Dressage Championships at the Festival of Champions. I have also earned many titles in Region 9. All of the success that I have found could not have been made possible without Verena, for she taught me the basis and is the one who encouraged me to pursue dressage. - Nathalie M., Dallas TX