Boarding at Pferdehof - Proper dressage facilities are expensive, take up a lot of space and require a substantial amount of maintenance. For many people, owning and maintaining a private dressage facility with indoor and outdoor arenas at their home is simply not practical. We aim to be the next best thing. By opening Pferdehof to a small group of boarders (10 max), we are able to offset the cost of maintaining top notch facilities. In the process, we also create a terrific social circle of people with a mutual love of horses and dressage. We believe our boutique philosophy towards boarding is rather unique and provides descriminating dressage enthusiasts with the perfect home away from home. Combined with our professional instruction, boarding with Pferdehof provides a firstclass dressage experience. We enable our boarders to focus on enjoying time in the saddle, we take care of the rest.

Our full-care boarding includes:

  • VIP Access - boarders enjoy priority access to all of our facilities
  • Large 12x12 Stalls with rubber mats, spacious runs and automatic waterers
  • Customized Feeding Regimen - we feed grass hay and grain but we will work with you to accomodate special dietary needs and programs
  • Large Turnouts - we have generously sized individual or group pasture turnouts
  • Blanketing - our staff will apply blankets (flysheets,masks,leg wraps etc.) according to your wishes
  • Administer Basic Healthcare - we will help with ointments and medication
  • Daily Cleaning - stalls are mucked and the barn swept daily
Optional Services:
  • Assistance with Farrier/Vet Visits - if you can't make an appointment, we can work with your equine service providers upon your request
  • Spa Package - pamper your horse with daily grooming by our staff
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and look for every opportunity to exceed our customers expectations.