Our Competitve Side

Competition is a great way to hone your dressage skills. This is true of any sport and we believe it is certainly true of dressage. Going to shows is also a fun way to get to know the dressage community and meet new friends. We have found however, that it can be a little daunting for people to go to shows alone. It can be even more intimidating if you've never competed or if you've only been to one or two shows. There are so many questions to be answered:

    WeltixWeltix by Weltmeyer, Owned by Ann Knight
  • How do I register?
  • Is there special ettiquette I should know about?
  • Who do I call if I have a question?
  • Which level should I enter?
  • What is a Coggins and why do I need one?
  • Do I have to be a member of USDF?
  • What time will I begin my ride?
  • Where will I keep my horse at the show?
  • Etc.Etc.Etc. The list goes on...
We can help ease all of the confusion associated with going to shows and more importantly we are there to provide team spirit at the competition. We encourage all of our clients to go and support each other at shows. Even if you aren't competing, it's great to go and lend moral support. There is nothing better than having your friends and family there to cheer for you after your ride.

Verena has over 25 years of competition experience both internationally and across the USA. She and her students have competed at regional and national levels. We believe that having a strong team behind our clients, creates a more relaxed mindset and allows everyone to enjoy the show and get the most value out of the competition. We spend time before the show talking about all of the nuances and try to prepare our clients so they know what to expect. We go to shows to win but also to learn and have fun!

Since moving to Colorado, we have been focused on building out Pferdehof and have only had a few opportunities to attend shows. Now that we are up and running, Verena is excited about getting back into competion and also working with our new clients to go make a splash in the Region 5 dressage scene.